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    Increasing strength with individualized training programs!
    In One to One FITNESS we create training programs according to your individual needs based on sports science research of sports science research, created by a PhD level trainer.

First let's try training together!


Our message to all people is that through training you can release stress, increase self-esteem and have the power for tomorrow's challenges.

In One to One FITNESS we embody our principles "stress relief", "self-esteem", "power for tomorrow". Through these principles we support your fitness journey.

Release your stress
The human body secretes important stress-releasing hormones and chemicals like endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine when we exercise, making us more resilient to daily challenges.
We would like to help you through these daily stressful challenges by building a stronger body and mind.
A stronger body breeds more confidence, positive mindset against any and all challenges. Would you want to gain the willpower to try something that you have never tried before? Would you like to become able to do what you physically couldn’t do before? Let’s put our bodies to the test!
Power for tomorrow
How can I make myself better? How can I learn from adversity? By answering these questions, we gain the necessary self-confidence and we release our stress. We at One to One FITNESS, want to guide you towards creating this go-get mindset and conquer all your goals!


My name is John,
nice to meet you!

I worked as training supervisor
in various commercial gyms and
Municipal centers of Athens-Greece.
Since I came to Japan for my Master
and PhD in the Graduate
department of NIFS(National
Institute of Fitness and Sports in
Kanoya), I have supervised
the physical training of Judo and
Wrestling athletes in Kagoshima
prefecture and Tokyo for 5 years.

John Choudalakis

Athens city, Glyfada district high school graduate (2003)
Physical education and sports department of Dimokritos University bachelor’s degree (2007).
Graduate department of National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya (NIFS), Master’s degree (2017)
Graduate department of National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya (NIFS), Doctorate degree (2020)

Leave the guesswork behind, I will create the best program for you and only you!

Feeling like your fitness journey has come to a screeching halt? Leave it up to us to get you back on track!
In my academic journey as a graduate student of both master and doctorate program of NIFS, I had the opportunity to test and research the best and most efficient training methods in athletes of various sports. This invaliuable knowledge is the tool that I will use to help you achieve all your fitness goal.

Academic Literature

Physiological response during a novel circuit weight training "CrossFit-style" protocol for Judo competitors (Choudalakis Ioannis-Georgios, Yuki Ohara, Daiki Yamaguchi, Kazuyuki Oyamada, Masayoshi Yamamoto).

Exercise intensity characteristics of 2 of the benchmark CrossFit® training workouts compared to traditional resistance training and circuit training: heart rate, blood lactate accumulation, and neuromuscular activity(Choudalakis Ioannis-Georgios, Hisahi Mori, Eiji Fujita, Masayoshi Yamamoto).

image source:Choudalakis Ioannis-Georgios, Yuki Ohara, Daiki Yamaguchi, Kazuyuki Oyamada, Masayoshi Yamamoto. Physiological response during a novel circuit weight training "CrossFit-style" protocol for Judo competitors. 2019, p.1/p.3


Our approach to training

Before starting a session, I will explain the training program written on the whiteboard as well as the specific goal of the program.
One Point!
Set a goal to increase motivation!

Step2Warming up
The warmup will be tailored to the program of the day. For example, if the program is strengthening the upper body, the warm up will include upper body exercises designed to optimize training performance.
One Point!
To use your body to its full potential you have to warm it up first!

Step3Main Training
Execution of the training program.
One Point!
It's not about how much weight you move or how fast your performance is, but rather how well you can move! Let's become stronger by getting excellent exercise form first!

Step4Cooling down
After a vigorous training session, mobility, stretching and low intensity cardiovascular exercise will be implemented to optimize recovery.
One Point!
To increase recovery ability let's do a proper cooldown!


Registration fee
¥11,000(after tax)
Training package

1 set of 4 sessions

¥26,400(after tax)
1 training package includes 4 60-minute training sessions. 1 set is valid for 2 months.

Let's get 1 free session!
You can get 1 free session for every 20 sessions.
Trial session fee

¥3,300(45min / after tax)

FREEto Dec.31th

Trial session special announcement
The clients that register after the trial session, will have a 50% discount on their registration fee (¥5,500 after tax).
Payment method

Cash or bank transfer


  • Q01.
    If I have not spent my 4 sessions within a month, is it possible to transfer the remaining sessions next month?
    If you have not spent the 4 sessions within a month, you may transfer the remaining session/s in the next month. 1 set is valid for 2 months.
  • Q02.
    Are there showers or changing rooms in the facility.
    We do not provide showers in our facilities. It is possible to change clothes in the training room.
  • Q03.
    What is the difference between personal training and a regular gym membership?
    In a regular gym membership the establishment provides the facility and the use of equipment to work out, without providing training instruction on a daily basis. A personal training gym provides on-hand instruction from the beginning until the end of the training session, customizable workouts according to individual needs.
  • Q04.
    Do you provide nutritional advice that promotes calorie restriction to lose body weight or body fat?
    While there is a temporary effect with a calorie restriction diet, the long-term effects in health and body composition can be detrimental according to studies. Adhering to a balanced diet (protein, fat, carbohydrates, micronutrients) with the right foods (i.e. vegetables, meat, butter etc.) can be highly beneficial for both maintaining health and reducing body weight and/or body fat.
  • Q05.
    I have not done any exercise ever/in a long time, will it be ok to start?
    In One to One FITNESS we provide free counselling upon which we inquire health status and training experience, in order to provide you with an appropriate exercise regime. Exercise novices or clients that have not exercised for a long time are welcome to enjoy our services.
  • Q06.
    Is age or sex related to exercise?
    In One to One FITNESS we believe that both age and sex are not related to exercise. We provide you with a scientific-based approach to exercise, regardless of how old you are or what your sex is.
  • Q07.
    I have previous injuries, chronic disease (sedentary lifestyle) will it be ok to start?
    In One to One FITNESS we provide free consultation upon which we inquire current health status and previous injuries. With that informotion and the recommendations of your physician in mind, we will provide an appropriate training regime to combat the effects of previous injuries or chronic disease.
  • Q08.
    What kind of results can I expect from training?
    In One to One FITNESS we value your fitness goals and we provide you with the tools to achieve them. General effects from our programs are improvement in strength, stamina and cardiovascular capacity, flexibility and stress relief.
  • Q09.
    I am not particularly good at exercising, will I be ok?
    In One to One FITNESS we believe that people that do not have confidence in their ability to exercise, have yet to experience the joy that comes from exercising with appropriate instruction in order to achieve their fitness goals. In our everyday encounters with clients, we have seen a positive change in mindset from having hard time to exercise, to having great time working out and have exercise become an essential part of everyday life. So come join us!
  • Q10.
    Will there be a follow up after the training session?
    After the training session, we will reflect upon what we have done for the day and plan the course of action for the next workout.

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One to One FITNESS

Yutaka 5th buiding 3F, 2-12-9, Minami-Yukigaya, Otaku, Tokyo

Working hours
10am to 10pm (last appointment must be reserved at 9pm)

Day off
Wednesdays and Saturdays



One to One FITNESS is appointment based. Please reserve your spot by contacting us via e-mail, LINE or mobile telephone.

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¥3,300(45min / after tax)

FREEto Dec.31th

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If you register after the trial class, you get a special 50% discount on your registration fee from ¥11,000 to ¥5,500 (after tax).


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